The Artist and her Family

The Artist and her Family
thank you Sandra for capturing us!

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My New Look

I finally did it!! It has only taken me about 2 years, but I have finally found the name for my business and have a logo!!! And with all of these things finally falling into place I have also begun a new blog/website. I hope you'll continue to read and follow at my new address. You can find me by clicking here

I look forward to seeing you over at the new site....and I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment or two, or get the idea.

Peace Out,

LoveShoot = Katie + Spencer

I recently got to spend time with Katie and Spencer, doing one of the things that I love best...........shooting couples in love!!! And these two are head over heels. I had so much fun with both of them, and as you look through the images I got I'm sure you'll be able to see how much fun both of them are. I had a hard time getting a serious image of the two of them they are so zany and crazy, and came up with some of the most clever ideas for their shoot. Make sure you check back for our session from the Salt Lake library.

This was our last shot of the day and I couldn't resist when I saw these letters and symbols along the walk at the was saying to me "Spencer's marrying Katie!!! Thank you so much to both of you for a day filled with laughter!!! I love you Both!!!

My Bride has a Name.......Desiree'

I heard from my bride today.....and I have to tell you I smiled.

"Oh my Gosh!!!!
Thank you soooo very much. I love every shot! I so greatly appreciate you taking the time to take those pictures. Your wedding day is a day you can not get back and those shots were so personal. Considering we didn't have a real camera. They say "God works in mysterious ways..." It was right on time to bump into you and your friends. Who just so happen to be photographers!! What are the chances of that happening. I don't know how I can repay you but thank you so much.
So Grateful,
Desiree' Alexander"

I think my friend Sunshine summed it up best today when she said:

"Wow! THAT is what truly matters. Not the "rockstardomness" that comes with forums, not the praise of friends and peers, not awards or ribbons or titles, but a bride feeling beautiful on her wedding day and having pictures to treasure for a lifetime.... ....... THAT is what it is all about! AWESOME!"

A dream come True

Okay, my dream came true while we were in Vegas attending WPPI. I soooo wanted to photograph a bride while we were there. The problem was I just didn't know one. Well, on the day we were checking out from our hotel lady luck came our way. As we were walking through the lobby I looked behind me and saw a bride and her bridesmaids....I can't tell you how badly I wanted to run up to them and ask them to please let me shoot them on this most amazing day. It was everything I could do not to do it. I mean I didn't want them to think I was instead I drug my feet and walked a little slower and tried to think of that perfect approach. I stepped outside the doors of the lobby and turned back for one last look. I must have looked like a poor puppy dog to them or something because the bride suddenly held her camera out to me and asked, "Could you please take our picture with my camera?" Woohooo!!! Lady luck had landed. I asked her how long she had, and she told me her limo was there waiting, but she could maybe give me 5 minutes. That was all I needed I grabbed my camera and yelled to Randi to get hers and we were in business. We were crazy and flying all around, but we were able to capture a few moments for them.....and make my dream come true. Enjoy!!!! Oh and make sure you jump over to Randi's blog I know she has posted a few of the shots that she was able to get too. You know I just got to thinking, this all happened so quickly that I never even got this beautiful bride's name.

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a Fabulous 2009!!!

The Hullingers

.......well most of the Hullingers are in in this picture.

Two of my favorite Hullinger Children

Holden and London were so much fun today....such willing participants in a photo shoot with mom. I was able to really capture their spirits. I hope you'll enjoy.